Daniel Radcliffe in Out Magazine

Photographer Terry Richardshon posted some extra photos from his shoot with Daniel Radcliffe and the singer Our Lady J for Out Magazine on his personal blog this afternoon.

Mr. Radcliffe isn’t out himself, according to British papers. But, they say, he is fascinated with transvestite culture, thus his friendship with Ms. J. Some of the tabloids have suggested the two were a couple.

“I was on the [Harry Potter] film set when all that tabloid stuff happened with us hanging out last year and none of my friends gave me shit about it,” Mr. Radcliffe said in an interview with Ms. J in Out this month. “Nobody took the piss.”

Ms. J is a gospel-singing classical pianist, who shares her name with a female urinary tract adapter (girls pee standing up) and a girl in G. I. Joe. Daniel Radcliffe in Out Magazine