David Carey’s First Month at Hearst: No Big Plans Yet

Over a month after taking over for Cathie Black as the president of Hearst magazines, David Carey isn’t ready to share any big plans. He told Mediaweek that he is interested in extending Hearst’s brands — citing Cosmopolitan-branded events as an example — and he sees real room for growth at Town & Country under new editor Stephen Drucker, who took over in April.

Mr. Carey is on board with the iPad. “I’m a big believer that, maybe not in the immediate term, the tablet publishing business is going to be significant,” Mr. Carey said. Tom Wallace, editorial director at Condé Nast, Mr. Carey’s old company, told The Observer earlier this month that digital magazines would play a “major role” in the future of his company and the magazine industry at large.

David Remnick told The Observer in 2008 that Mr. Carey is less flamboyant than focused. “He will not allow himself to fail,” Mr. Remnick said.

“This is the plummest of all assignments for me,” Mr. Carey told The Observer in June, speaking about taking over for Ms. Black. “Hearst operates entrepreneurially and when you see what they’re doing in terms of innovating and taking risks — but they have scale and resources at the same time — that is a very exciting thought for me.” David Carey’s First Month at Hearst: No Big Plans Yet