Don DeLillo Tells All Some

Don DeLillo is not so keen on the press: He became notorious for handing reporters cards reading “I Don’t Want to Talk About It.” He did submit to an interview with The Guardian‘s Robert McCrum, however. What did DeLillo have to say?

On Aging: “I can’t quite imagine myself being 73. That’s the age my father was! How can I be his age? It’s weird.”

On His Habits: “I used to go for a daily run, but now I exercise at home to avoid the weather. I stick to a routine. But when I’m between work, I don’t panic. I suppose I have the Italian element of enjoying a certain amount of leisure.”

On Brooklyn: “Everyone who does not live in Berlin lives in Brooklyn now.”

On Becoming a Writer: “I was very slow to begin. I lacked the discipline for the enormous commitment one has to make. Even when I had all day to write, and sometimes all week, I took forever finally to enter my first novel…. It was only after two years’ work that it occurred to me that I was a writer. I had no particular expectation that the novel would ever be published, because it was sort of a mess.”

Also, DeLillo is a “slight, anonymous figure in a black cap and leather jacket.” Big D: Just a regular guy, basically. Don DeLillo Tells All   Some