Elsewhere: Chopra, Kagan and the MTA’s Overtime

Deepak Chopra will talk foreign policy at an event hosted by Reshma Saujani.

Carl Paladino is taking to the airwaves with his promise to stop the mosque using eminent domain.

Salon reminds us that there’s a mosque in the Pentagon.

Elena Kagan is now a Supreme Court justice.

Louise Slaughter still has concerns about that.

Pedro Espada Jr. is sending letters to the people who signed his opponent’s petition.

Andrew Cuomo publishes a sequel.

Comptroller Tom Dinapoli criticizes the MTA for all the overtime they’re paying and the MTA doesn’t disagree.

Senate Democrats would like to see a presentation from the last bidder standing in the Aqueduct deal.

Azi Paybarah noticed some unlikely spokesmen at the nonpartisan election rally.

Andrew Cuomo’s prosecution of Hank Morris is headed to trial.

Elsewhere: Chopra, Kagan and the MTA’s Overtime