Elsewhere: Gillibrand Rising

Pedro Espada’s opponent Gustavo Rivera is out with his first piece of mail.

A term limits scorecard.

Kirsten Gillibrand’s poll numbers are getting better.

Chris Weigant says Gillibrand is about to make the “Safe Democratic” column.

Rick Lazio gets the word on the street on the Ground Zero Mosque.

Maybe the mosque won’t get built at all, considering the glacial pace of development in New York City.

Is Mayor Bloomberg’s association with the project making his endorsement less important?

Howard Dean thinks the mosque is an affront to those who lost their lives on 9/11

Obama backs the 9/11 Health bill.

The Lazio campaign brushed off questions about today’s Village Voice investigative piece.

David Paterson is 1/100th as corrupt as Rudy Giuliani

Elsewhere: Gillibrand Rising