Elsewhere: More on The Mosque

Shelly Silver said the legislature has had enough of dictatorial governors.

Liz laments that political ads in NY are not as colorful as this one.

Mike Bloomberg is on an endorsement blitz: Joe Sestak, Adrian Fenty, Mike Castle.

Azi looks at the primary to replace Eric Schneiderman.

Also on the “hallowed ground” two block radius special war memorial district surrounding the WTC: Olga’s Salon and Spa, Express BBQ, and New York Dolls Gentleman’s Club.

Most news outlets have been using the phrase “Ground Zero Mosque,” even though it’s inaccurate.

Whatever you want to call it, Harry Reid is against.

Former McCain strategist Mark McKinnon is for it.

So is former Mayor Ed Koch.

Haaretz reported earlier today that the project was dead. They were wrong.

Bill deBlasio continues his campaign to stop corporations from spending on political races.

A new poll shows that Pedro Espada is likely to survive his primary.

PEF comes out for Andrew Cuomo and Richard Brodsky.

Mike McMahon will have to do without the AFL-CIO.




  Elsewhere: More on The Mosque