Daily News Welcomes Sockless Editor Kevin Convey

The Daily News’ own Denis Hamill has a few notes about the paper’s new editor Kevin Convey today. 

We’ll paraphrase: Mr. Convey is living in Chelsea. His first meal in the city was street meat (chicken kebob). Personality-wise, he’s more of a 718 than a 212. He doesn’t extend his pinkie when he drinks tea (people were concerned about this).

Mr. Convey feels comfortable wearing a suit and tie with no socks (Keith Kelly reported that on Friday, too, along with the fact that Mr. Convey has a noticeable Boston accent). “Wicked.”

Mr. Hamill called up former Boston Herald editor Don Forst, who was around during Mr. Convey’s days as a cub reporter, to get a character reference for his new boss at the NYDN. He heard the following story:

“Convey went out to cover a murder,” Forst said. “Guy got killed over a can of corn. He comes back with great reporting. Good quotes from the scene. Cops. Neighbors. Store owner. Like that. He handed in the story. Good, solid piece. I asked him, ‘How much did this can of corn cost?'”

Convey said, “I dunno.”

“Find out,” Forst said. “If a guy got killed for a can of corn, I wanna know exactly how much it cost because that’s how much value the killer put on the victim’s life. Details, details, details!”

Mr. Hamill and Mr. Convey are planning to take a spin through Brooklyn and Queens to chat with Daily News readers — the little guy!

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