New York Magazine Faces $1 Million Libel Suit

New York Magazine faces a million-dollar libel suit over a piece Andrew Goldman wrote in 2009, “Extreme Birth,” about Manhattan celebrity midwife Cara Muhlhahn, according to Jezebel’s Irin Carmon.

Ms. Muhlhahn claims that Mr. Goldman painted her as reckless, but New York has filed a motion to dismiss on the grounds that writing about somebody’s divergence from medical opinon can’t be defamation.

“I’m not that comfortable with VBACs at home, but I know most can have them fine,” Ms. Muhlhahn told Mr. Goldman at one point in the piece. “Most VBAC mommies know they have less of a chance of giving birth vaginally in a hospital.”

The Observer reported earlier this summer on the increasing scarcity of libel cases — not to mention successful ones — against media organizations these days. We’re not lawyers, but New York seems very safe here. Ms. Muhlhahn is being sued herself by two of her clients, who had a stillborn baby after three days of labor.

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New York Magazine Faces $1 Million Libel Suit