Espada’s Letter

Courtesy of the Bronx News Network, here’s the letter from State Senator Pedro Espada Jr.’s campaign to certain constituents in his Bronx district.

Espada’s challenger, Gustavo Rivera, claims the Espada campaign sent the letters to residents who signed Rivera’s petitions.

The race in Espada’s 33rd Senate District promises to be one of the more brutal races this cycle, with Espada digging in to defeat a coalition that includes Bill Samuels’ well-funded New Roosevelt Initiative and the labor-backed Working Families Party. (Last week, Espada filed suit against the New Roosevelt Initiative, claiming the independent group was illegally coordinating with Rivera’s campaign–a charge Samuels denies.)

As you can see, the letter is signed “Concerned Citizens for Good Government,” but has a “Paid For By New Yorkers for Espada” added at the bottom.


Letter to Rivera Supporter Espada’s Letter