Eye Opener: 'Artistic Microclimates' and the OED

Mad Men, Modern Family win big at the Emmys, Jimmy Fallon makes a Conan joke. [NYT]

Glee also won and apparently there’s been difficulty with their album royalties. [NYP]

The Journal profiles Hiram Monserrate as the ultimate, violent underdog. [WSJ]

Tabloid teen drinking death fails to keep other teens from drinking. [NYDN]

The James, a new hotel in SoHo, features a curator to help “reflect the artistic microclimate” of the area. [NYT]

Next OED may not be printed. Thanks a lot, internet. [AP]

This weekend was absurdly hot, yet swimming was not permitted in most area beaches. Thanks a lot, riptides. [NYT]

All you need is a massive industrial rolling machine to beat those tobacco taxes. [WSJ]

“How to refer to the new Cee-Lo song?” hems and haws The Times. [NYT] Eye Opener: 'Artistic Microclimates' and the OED