Eye Opener: Feng Shui and the BQE

Robert Morgenthau held stock in a company associated with Charlie Rangel. [NYT]

Bucking country-wide trend, Manhattan apartment sales increase. [WSJ]

State considering a tunnel that would bypass the BQE. [NYP]

Bloomberg embraces Empire State Building’s new neighbor. [NYDN]

Steeper-than-expected” loss at Barnes & Noble. [NYT]

Ronald Perelman expecting seventh child. [NYP]

LIRR isn’t expected to get better anytime soon. [WNYC]

In New York real estate, feng shui sometimes helps close the deal. [NYT]

Young adult novel inspires so much merchandising. [WSJ]

Garage-band hipster” allegedly owes the IRS $172 million. [NYP] Eye Opener: Feng Shui and the BQE