Eye Opener: How to Mourn a Barnes & Noble?

Everyone is sad about the Lincoln Center Barnes & Noble closing, especially the many, many people who didn’t buy anything, says heavy-handed Times article. [NYT]

But the location could sell for some $250 to $300 per square foot. Do you know how many Freedoms you’d have to stack to get that kind of value, book-wise? [NYDN]

Left-leaning French banker and newspaper owner ditches rental in Hamptons because he doesn’t like the view, which was of a “public campground.” What a jerk. [NYP]

Paladino says that Obama isn’t a Christian, an absolutely shocking statement, coming from anyone else. [AP]

Caroline Giuliani is expected to make a deal with Sephora, working in the Chanel mines of South Dakota. [NYDN]

Cindy Sherman shills for Chanel, herself. [WWD]

Continuing a trend we’ve been seeing, owners will be converting some 1,000 rentals in 36 buildings into condos on the UWS. [WSJ]

Roger Clemens pleads not guilty in his perjury trial, a case that’s sure to be fun. [NYP]

Racoons are apparently the new bedbugs, though somehow we don’t see them shutting down Elle anytime soon. [NYT] Eye Opener: How to Mourn a Barnes & Noble?