Eye Opener: HUD Grades and Kate Spades

Amid the mosque hullaballoo, a bid to rebuild a Greek Orthordox church is largely ignored. [NYT]

Brooklyn artist feeds ants nothing but McDonalds. [NYT]

Hamptons party shocked when Sam Ronson plays techno. [NYP]

Commuity groups and co-op boards seek a limit on high-rise development in Chinatown. [WSJ]

AARP Magazine gets an edge. [NYT]

Pols describe Paladino’s plan for the poor as “very Paladino-esque.” [NYDN]

Kate Spade wedges: the official New York campaign shoe. [NYT]

Many offices are embracing the iPad, though it’s not clear how they’re using them. [WSJ]

Barney’s snags a new CEO. [Crains]

The Times grades Cuomo’s time at HUD: so-so. [NYT] Eye Opener: HUD Grades and Kate Spades