Farmville Makers Inspire Lower East Side Vendetta

Zynga, Inc., the software company behind the popular Facebook game Farmville, has rankled some Lower East Siders with unconventional advertising for its Mafia Wars game, which is also played on Facebook.

Since the beginning of the month, the company has been sticking fake shattered glass decals on parked cars and plastering fake dollar bills on the sidewalk downtown. Local blogs are fed up. “Please Clean Up ‘Mafia’ Dollars,” pleaded East Village Feed, which has been leading the cruisade against the company. “Zynga Purposely Litters All Over Manhattan,” wrote NYC The Blog.

Zynga tried this sort of adveritising in their own backyard of San Francisco, where the Department of Public Works complained about having to steam-clean the promotional bills off the sidewalk. New York bloggers have reached out to Zynga and Union Square Ventures, which funds the company, but to no avail. Zynga has not responded to our queries either.

The Mafia Wars website doesn’t mention any of the game’s marketing efforts but does offer to show you a video of Snoop Dogg blowing up an armored car in exchange for your Facebook data. Farmville Makers Inspire Lower East Side Vendetta