Federer's Shot: Magic or Not?

So, was that Roger Federer serve trick bogus?

Quick recap: In a video that has circulated far and wide on the web, Roger Federer is caught on camera goofing off during the shooting of a Gillette ad. In the (supposedly) behind-the-scenes video, Federer tells a hipster guy on the Gillette set to put a metal bottle on his head and marvel as he serves a ball (from about a 20 foot distance) and hits the bottle right off his head. Federer successfully did it, twice in a row.

Now, if you ask me, I have no idea if it’s real or not. The footage is so raw and the camera work is so shaky that it seems to suggest that it’s a stunt. I mean, it all feels a little too choreographed. But hey, the guy has won 16 Grand Slams! Maybe he can do it. 

But some players aren’t buying it. At a presser on Saturday, three seemed awfully skeptical. 

Andy Murray: “It was good fun. There’s not a chance it was real, though.”

Kim Clijsters: “Let me just say that I would not hold that thing on my head even if it was Roger Federer. There’s your answer.”

Andy Roddick: “Two in a row? I wouldn’t like my chances. Or I wouldn’t like the chances of someone standing there with their head in the way of it, either.”

Federer's Shot: Magic or Not?