Frank Bruni Discovers That the DMV Is Annoying

What is bothering Frank Bruni now? The DMV! The former Times food critic is renewing his expired license—and he’s bringing you, the reader, along for the ride.

Over the course of 2657 words, it develops that license renewal is a more trying ordeal than Bruni anticipated. All manner of comic misadventures hinder our hero. We will go ahead and spoil the ending:

Two weeks later, my license arrived in the mail. For a month I merely stared at and caressed it, convinced that disaster would strike if I actually put it to use. Then I did, driving through the Napa Valley to a wedding, through the Berkshires to a lake. All the while I checked my wallet two, three, even four times a day, to make absolutely sure it was still there.

The new license expires on Oct. 31, 2014. Halloween. Fitting.

Huzzah, Frank Bruni! At least you got a great story out of it.

Frank Bruni Discovers That the DMV Is Annoying