Gillibrand Uses Malpass Ad To Raise Funds For Possible Malpass Race

Earlier today U.S. Senate G.O.P. contender David Malpass put out an ad that tries to tie Kirsten Gillibrand to Barack Obama and accuses the two of getting together and “destroying our way of life.”

Gillibrand is hoping voters see it as overreach, since she just sent out a fundraising missive calling attention to the ad and accusing Malpass–a former Bear Stearns economist, the ad helpfully notes–of helping “to drive our country into a ditch.”

Malpass is locked into a tight three-way race for the right to take on Gillibrand for the Republican nomination.  Polls show Gillibrand in a comfortable lead against all three. But not comfortable enough apparently for the state’s junior senator. Read the rest of the email below:

We just found out about an offensive attack ad that former Bear Stearns chief economist, David Malpass, has put out against Kirsten. It’s on the air right now and is being broadcast statewide. 

Malpass is accusing Kirsten of working with President Obama and “destroying our way of life.”

It’s bad enough he helped drive our economy into a ditch, but now he is using his millions to spread lies about Kirsten on television all across the state. We’ve got to fight back.

Malpass has already poured millions of his own dollars into his campaign, and he’s prepared to spend millions more in a desperate attempt to sully Kirsten’s name.

Now it’s more important than ever that we meet our goal of raising $75,000 before the August 25 deadline. Please help by making your donation today.

Click here to rush a $5 contribution to Kirsten’s campaign so she can answer these outrageous attacks. We only have six more days to reach our $75,000 goal.

Kirsten has always been outspent but never outworked in every campaign she has ever run. This race will be no different, but she still needs your help today.

Thank you for all you do.


Ross Offinger


And you can watch the offending ad here:


Gillibrand Uses Malpass Ad To Raise Funds For Possible Malpass Race