Glenn Beck Is On Fire

Remember when we used to be able to underestimate Glenn Beck, make fun of his weepy interludes, chuckle at his past as a stoner, shake our heads, and move on with life?

Ah, those were the days.

Fresh off the heels of his successful “Restoring Honor” rally, which even the Times‘ second-string not-quite-conservative columnist thought was a “festival of affirmation,” Beck has launched a new internet hub. No, it’s not The Glenn Beck Program site, where visitors can become Constitutional Watchdogs and “get a free Goldline investor kit,” and it’s not the 912 Project site, “for you and other like-minded Americans looking for direction in taking back the control of our country.”

This is a news and opinion site, The Blaze (tagline: “Nothing Burns Hotter than the Truth”)—a name that, in classic Beck style, manages to be at once both mincing and menacing at the same time. (I know I said it’s time to stop making fun of this guy, but it’s also one of his brilliant judo moves that he keeps inviting ridicule and we can’t help ourselves.)

So what is the Blaze? It’s a a right-skewing Huff Po (sound familiar?), containing: a blog of rewritten news, the occasional high school football fail video, an AP Wire, and that’s about it. For the moment. But we have got to stop writing this guy off. He’s lit the match. Now the Blaze will grow and turn into a raging inferno and pave the way for the Apocalypse. It might even convince Matt Drudge to finally start stepping up his game.

And is it any wonder the Huffington Post is a bit nervous about this guy? 

The site is run by managing editor Scott Baker, a cofounder of In a past life, he was a member in good standing of the MSM (we’ve all made mistakes), an anchor for Pittsburgh’s WTAE. After the station dropped him in 2006, he took to YouTube in a bout of righteous self-pity that Beck no doubt saw as a primary qualification for his new gig.


Glenn Beck Is On Fire