Goodwin and Greenstein settle on NJN taping, agree to three additional forums

State Sen. Tom Goodwin (R-Hamilton) and Assemblywoman Linda Greenstein (D-Plainsboro) have settled on Oct. 15th for the taping of their New Jersey Network (NJN) debate, and are still working on the times and places of three other showdowns.

The TV program will air Oct. 17th, according to Greenstein spokesman Michael Muller. 

In one of the most widely anticipated matchups of the season, the two sides have agreed to three fall 14th District forums in addition to the NJN face-off.

Goodwin and Greenstein exchanged challenge letters last Thursday, with the senator releasing his letter first, and Greenstein later in the afternoon refining the parameters of the proposed candidates’ forums.

 “Our office has already been contacted by NJN public television in regards to a joint appearance on their program ‘On the Record,'” Goodwin wrote in a letter addressed to the Democratic Assemblywoman. “In addition to participating in that program, I believe that three additional debates would ensure that all of our views are thoroughly discussed so our constituents can make an informed decision in this year’s election. 

“Therefore, I propose debating on October 5, 19, and 27th with mutually agreed upon moderators originating from differing media outlets.”

Greenstein’s letter contained a specific appeal to Clean Elections rules.


“I have always held the belief that voters should have the opportunity to hear directly from us on the issues most important to them,” said the lawmaker. “That is why I authored New Jersey’s Fair and Clean Elections Law which included a requirement for public candidate forums.   

Goodwin and Greenstein settle on NJN taping, agree to three additional forums