HOMOCON Coming to New York, Bringing Ann Coulter

GOProud, a 14-month-old 527 organization dedicated to representing the viewpoints of gay conservatives, will be holding their first New York gala in September, and it will be hosted by Ann Coulter, the conservative commentator who has gotten into trouble in the past for anti-gay comments.

The event, called “HOMOCON 2010”–a reference to gay conservatives, according to the group’s founder Jimmy LaSalvia–bills Coulter as “the right wing Judy Garland.”

LaSalvia acknowledged her previous statments, but said, “But she is fun, she is smart, she is hilarious, provocative and insightful. And our folks love her.”

He added, “You are not going to see us placating the uber-PC crowd. We can laugh and enjoy everybody.”

GOProud was formed last April, LaSalvia said because he said he believed that the perspective of gay conservatives was not being represented in national politics.

“There are a whole range of issues where we feel we can bring a gay perspective to it and where conservatives policies uniquely benefit gay people,” he said.

The group opposed Obama-care, opposed the nomination of Sonia Sotomayor, and favored the repeal of the estate tax.

“We call it the gay tax,” LaSalvia said, because there is no marriage exemption. He said the group favors marriage equality, but he noted that it was not currently a federal issue. And, instead of more hate crime legislation, LaSalvia said, his group faces less-stringent gun control regulations.

“If I’m able to defend myself then we can prevent a crime from happening,” he said. “So many people on the left want you to become a victime so that the government can help you.”

He said the group currently has close to 5,000 members, and the group’s board of directors includes Bruce Carroll, the founder of gaypatriot.net, Christopher Barron, a D.C-based political consultant, and Jessica Lee, an investment banker.

LaSalvia added that he felt the group was welcome at right-wing get-togethers.

“We feel much more welcome at CPAC or at a Tea Party event than at a gay pride event. It’s the gay left who are the least inclusive of any group I’ve been around. There can be dissent of opinion from the gay left.”

He declined to reveal where in New York HOMOCON would be held. HOMOCON Coming to New York, Bringing Ann Coulter