Hot: Amish Romance Novels

Mormon vampires no longer cut it: the savvy reader has begun looking elsewhere for her chaste-tease quasi-religious love stories. The cutting-edge romance reader is now buying “Amish inspirationals.”

USA Today calls Amish-themed books “one of the fastest-growing genres in romance publishing“:

In popular series such as Beverly Lewis’ Seasons of Grace, Wanda Brunstetter’s Indiana Cousins and Cindy Woodsmall’s Sisters of the Quilt,the Amish fall in love while grappling with religious taboos and forbidden temptations.

For these authors, “pushing the envelope means writing about an unmarried Amish woman letting her hair down in front of a man.” And while the Amish may not technically be magical, they do give readers a time-travel-type feeling with their old-fashioned ways.

For maximum hotness we recommend reading them on your Kindle.

Hot: Amish Romance Novels