Journal Uncovers Albany Bagel Misconduct

This summer, the cash-strapped state started enforcing a tax that charges bagel eaters for having their bagel sliced and prepared at a store. The charge works out to something like eight cents a bagel. Greater New York is on the case!

One man who owns 33 Bruegger’s Bagel franchises was slapped with an estimate for back taxes he owed the state, and is furious. He’s since put up a sign blaming Albany for the extra charge in his stores. “I hope they don’t come after me for that,” said a founding owner of Ess-a-Bagel, which is a pretty odd thing to tell a newspaper, generally speaking.

And explain this to The Wall Street Journal: how come when you slice bread there’s no tax, but when you slice a bagel there’s a tax? Expect more on this. Journal Uncovers Albany Bagel Misconduct