Le Monde Owner Hounded for Hamptons Rent

Matthieu Pigasse, the Paris-based Lazard honcho who recently purchased the right-leaning Le Monde newspaper (incidentally The Post described the French newspaper as “left-leaning,” which is pretty much like calling Fox News a socialist news source), is being hounded for $165,000 rent for a Hamptons rental he stayed in for two nights before deciding he didn’t like the view.

The co-CEO of Lazard in France arrived at the beachfront home off Meadow Lane in Southampton with his family without signing a contract or putting down a deposit. After two nights, Mr. Pigasse explained to the broker, Jack Prizzi, that the view was unsatisfactory and failed to pay the month’s rent.

The European owners of the home now claim that Mr. Pigasse caused them to lose the month’s rent and are demanding he pay the $165,000 to compensate.

cmalle@observer.com Le Monde Owner Hounded for Hamptons Rent