In First Ad, State Dems Hit Both GOPers

If the state Democratic Party has a preference between its potential Republican rivals in the governor’s race, they don’t seem to be showing it.

The committee’s first television ad tries to get a jump on framing each of their possible opponents as tied to special interests.

For Rick Lazio, it’s the same knock Democrats have been pushing for some time: that he was a lobbyist on Wall Street and got a $1.3 million bonus from JP Morgan, which took TARP money.

But for Carl Paladino, it’s something of a new tack. Instead of mentioning the infamous e-mails he forwarded, or some of his more politically incorrect statements, the ad criticizes him for his nearly half-million dollars in political donations, and for taking milions of dollars in government rents as a landlord in Buffalo.

The overall idea of the ad is that Albany–where neither Republican candidate has ever held office, and which happens to be controlled by Democrats at the moment–is a “swamp of corruption” and “could get worse” if either one of them is elected.

UPDATE: Paladino’s campaign just responded with a statement: “The Democrats run Albany; they are the snakes managing the swamp. If all the Democrats can say about Carl Paladino is he saved taxpayers millions by being the lowest bidder on 37 leases, their political operation is more pitiful than we thought.” In First Ad, State Dems Hit Both GOPers