Items! Grad School Rejections, Quadratic Equations

Princeton students bust idling cars at Conde.

Desiree Rogers goes into publishing.

Here is what Conan O’Brien looked like when he went to Harvard, and wore grass skirts.

MFA rejections vs. other rejections.

… vs. Rejecting rejections of J-school?

Look, we too have forgotten quadratic equations.

Select your screen name for maximum dateability.

The Algonquin Hotel: cat-friendly.

“Despite spending a decade in this business, it is exciting to discover there’s still so much I still haven’t done. There are still new genres to explore-the world of bondage, submission, and domination, for starters-all branches of the same tree. I have only just begun to sample its fruit.”

Oh hey, remember that time it was really cold?


Items! Grad School Rejections, Quadratic Equations