Items! Lit Mags, Meringues

Michel Houellebecq’s latest character is “a foul-smelling, alcoholic, badly-dressed writer called Michel Houellebecq.”

Before there was Janelle Monae, there was Philippe Petit.

Zach Braff reminds Ben Brantley of a New Yorker cartoon.

A Masters Degree in Luxury“?

Who is not over- or under- but ACCURATELY-rated?

Balthazar weirdly decides that now is the time to begin serving cupcakes.

Whither marginalia in an age of ebooks?

HTMLGiant starts a lit mag club.

Zac Posen hasn’t completely huffed off to Paris.

Writing at home: “like getting massaged on the lido deck of the Good Ship Unicorn while magical fairies feed you meringues,” reports Choire Sicha. Items! Lit Mags, Meringues