Joe D. busts through Speziale territory with COH

Essex County Executive Joe DiVincenzo, whose challenger still bears the tank tread marks of last year’s assembly race that ran over him and his running mate 80-20%, has $1.1 million cash on hand in his walkover general election bid for a third term on Nov. 2nd.

Standing with the winning team after Senate President Richard Codey‘s (D-Roseland) takedown last year, DiVincenzo and company braced for a possible June 2010 primary initiated by Codey and his allies.

It never happened, as Codey pal East Orange Mayor Bob Bowser flirted with the possibility then backed down. Codey had also talked to Newark West Ward Councilman Ronald C. Rice about going for county executive, but Rice fancies the legislative more than the executive side, preferably at the federal level.

Weathering no Democratic Party Primary and building his campaign coffers to Spezialian proportions, DiVincenzo now faces perennial loser Herbert Glenn, a data processing programmer with the Essex County Corrections Department, tapped for the quixotic run by DiVincenzo political ally state Sen. Kevin O’Toole (R-Cedar Grove), chair of the Essex County Republican Party. Joe D. busts through Speziale territory with COH