Kathleen Rice: The Grassroots Are With Me

Nassau County district attorney Kathleen Rice has a clear lead in the amount of cash on hand for the attorney general’s race, and she is out  with a release that shows that all of that cash is not coming from big-pocketed donors. In fact, her campaign notes, the presumed front-runner in the attorney general’s race has received donations from more people for under $100 than any of her competitors.

It is a clear shot across the bow at state Senator Eric Schneiderman, who touted his own grassroots support when he announced his fundraising numbers last week.

The campaign notes that nearly half of Rice’s contributions were for $100 or less, while only 12 percent of Schneiderman’s were and 16 percent of Sean Coffey’s were.

“During these difficult economic times, nearly 600 people dug into their pockets over the last month and gave money to the candidate they believe can best clean up Albany, hold Wall Street accountable and protect their families,” says Rice campaign manager Jeffrey Stein. “Those hard-working New Yorkers have put District Attorney Rice in position to win this race.”

Rice has come under fire for receiving a boatload of money from Weitz & Luxenburg, a personal injury law firm that employs Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver.

The release also points out that both Schneiderman and Coffey “have used their personal fortunes to fund large portions of their respective campaigns,” Schneiderman to the tune of $305,000 and Coffey with $3 million. Kathleen Rice: The Grassroots Are With Me