Lauren Leto Says Goodbye to All That, Hello to New York

Lauren Leto is a Horatio Alger story for our times, except instead of pluck and bootstraps she fashioned success from text messages that say things like “You’re the only person i know who can laugh and talk while puking.”

The Texts From Last Night founder left Michigan for New York in April, and has been living out of four suitcases while making a name for herself in the big city. Most recently, she sold a book called Judging a Book by Its Lover to HarperCollins and secured funding for a new startup. Zachary Woolfe (who has also covered opera for The Observer) profiles Leto today at Capital. To Woolfe’s recommendation of “Goodbye to All That” she replies:

“It’s so stereotypical to be like, ‘I see myself in it,'” she said of the Didion essay. “Because one of the reasons it’s such great writing is that there’s a lot of bits anyone can identify with. But it’s become really cliché. Duh, you see yourself in ‘Goodbye to All That.’ But the one stupid part of that stupid essay that all girls love: It feels that I’m not living here. Especially since I have no furniture. It feels like I’m visiting.”

It seems to us that Joan Didion was an egregious omission in Leto’s guide to stereotyping people by their favorite authors. May we suggest: “19-year-old girls.” Lauren Leto Says Goodbye to All That, Hello to New York