Learning a lesson from Dwek

While Eliyahu Weinstein awaits his bail hearing in Newark today, his likeness may soon be hanging on a Democratic organization corkboard near you.

Weinstein, a former used car salesman, was arrested on Aug. 12 for allegedly masterminding a $200 million Ponzi scheme. The Lakewood man allegedly targeted members of the Orthodox Jewish community in Ocean County, not completely unlike his predecessor, Solomon Dwek, who went on to be the key witness in NJ’s biggest corruption bust to date.

Dwek was busted for cashing $50 million in bad checks, then everyone forgot about him even when he resurfaced as a purported developer under the alias David Esenbach.

Yesterday, a source in the Democratic Party said fool us once, shame on you; fool us twice, shame on us.

The source said he half-seriously considered hanging Weinstein’s picture up in Democratic clubs around the state to ensure that he doesn’t resurface like Dwek.

He should probably wait a year to hang the “do not take cash from this man” posters; Weinstein is maintaining his innocence and may stand trial.

Learning a lesson from Dwek