LG Producing New Flexible Electronic Paper

What if you could fold up your Kindle and stick it in a coat pocket like you do with a newspaper? How cool would that be? We’re about to find out, because LG has announced it will soon produce something that may let you do just that:

LG Display says it is developing a new generation of color and flexible e-paper that may go into future products such as e-readers or tablets.

The company expects to begin mass producing 9.7-inch color and 19-inch flexible e-paper, according to an SEC filing it made on Friday. E-paper, or electronic paper, is a display used in e-readers on which text appears as it would on printed paper.

LG is one of the main screen suppliers for both the iPad and the Kindle DX (the larger version of Amazon’s popular e-reader).

Flexible e-paper isn’t new, but it has been considered impractical due to questions of power supply and personal usage. Practical applications become more realistic with each new generation the product.

Another developer, E-Ink, plans to announce their own new developments in color e-paper near the end of the year.

[PC World] LG Producing New Flexible Electronic Paper