Like You, Gary Shteyngart Enjoys iPhones and Cute Dog Photos

The Village Voice called Super Sad True Love Story “the finest piece of anti-iPhone propaganda ever written.” But lest readers worry that its author has attained a state of literary purity beyond commonplace technolust, The Atlantic reassures us that Gary Shteyngart is in fact “as conflicted and lightly hypocritical as anyone” about the device. Those following The Timesdoting Shteyngart coverage will already be well aware of this; still, The Atlantic offers some solid anecdotal evidence. For example:

The first thing that Gary does when we walk into a quiet coffeeshop on Valencia Street, San Francisco’s hipster thoroughfare, is to take out his iPhone and begin snapping photos of the horrible one-man show posters taped onto its walls. Then, with my own iPhone recording our interaction, I wait as he sends the photos to someone somewhere, mumbles an apology, and sits down.


Gary posts dachshund photos to his Facebook page with captions like, “felix is generally considered the smartest dog on earth. but in this picture i can sense the pensiveness in his eyes. global warming, ongoing violence in uzbekistan, the stalemate in congress. it all takes a toll on this sweet, compassionate dachshund.”

Of course, Gary Shteyngart’s dachsund photo captions are probably funnier than yours. And his dachsund is probably cuter than yours. But still!

Like You, Gary Shteyngart Enjoys iPhones and Cute Dog Photos