Maloney to Reshma: We're On

After our earlier post about NY-14 challenger Reshma Saujani’s continued drumbeat to get Carolyn Maloney onto the debate stage, comes word that the east side incumbent has, in fact, agreed to face off against the upstart.

The debate will be hosted by Daily News’ Errol Lewis.  Other details remain unavailable.

This is something of a risky move for Maloney, since letting your opponent onto a debate stage has a tendency to elevate them in the public’s mind. Plus, it increases the chances that a favorite may say something she regrets–something Maloney is known for.

The guess here is that her campaign figured that Saujani’s criticisms were weighing down Maloney’s chances. That, or, her team just got tired of hearing about it.

Either way, should make for an interesting evening.

  Maloney to Reshma: We're On