Matthews to Lazio on Mosque: You’re Campaigning

Last night Rick Lazio stopped by Hardball, where he either got into a standard shouting match with Chris Matthews or was eviscerated, depending on who you read.

Matthews started by playing Lazio’s ground zero-heavy ad, prompting Lazio to swallow hard when the camera returned to him. “In my mind some of the points made in this commercial are very valid points,” he began.

“Is he a hater?” Matthews later asked, regarding Imam Faisal Abdul Rauf. He repeated this several times.

At one point, Lazio tries to restart the conversation by saying, “Let’s get to the bottom of this.” Matthews cuts him off: “The bottom of this is you’re running for governor.” Then he runs some embarassing footage from Lazio’s 2000 Senate campaign against Hillary Clinton.

Video below.


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Matthews to Lazio on Mosque: You’re Campaigning