Monday Morning Roundup: BP Takes to the Air

• Not content with the disaster it created in the Gulf of Mexico, BP also released a bunch of hazardous chemicals into the air at one of its Texas refineries, adding “maybe giving kids cancer” to its already impressive 2010 resume. [NYT

• Even though Ben Bernanke said the Federal Reserve will take action if the economy continues to stumble, some people are worried that the central bank is armed with little more than good intentions. [Bloomberg]

• Traders can’t seem to get enough yen. Japan is flattered, but wishes the yen weren’t quite so expensive. So its central bank on Monday announced an emergency monetary easing. Also coming soon: Japan’s economic stimulus package, which will be modest because its government has quite a lot of debt already. [NYT

• Intel, the chipmaker, has inked a deal to buy the chipmaking business of German firm Infineon. The deal could come in handy for Intel as it tries to diversify into mobile devices. [MarketWatch]

• Almost one-third of American households lack life-insurance coverage. Life insurance: It’s the new health insurance. [WSJ]

Monday Morning Roundup: BP Takes to the Air