Morning News Digest: August 11, 2010

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Speziale leaves sheriff’s post for Port Authority job

Passaic County Sheriff Jerry Speziale is leaving his post to take a job at the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, Speziale announced moments ago. (Pizarro, PolitickerNJ)

Davis says county chair vote sewn up

Atlantic County Republican Chairman Keith Davis said Tuesday he has the support of 13 of the state’s 21 Republican county chairmen in his bid to replace Sen. Kevin O’Toole as the chair of chairs. (Isherwood, PolitickerNJ

Govs office will apply for federal education funds, says Drewniak

Shortly after the U.S. House approved an education funding bill that is expected to give New Jersey access to $268 million to rehire and retain teachers, the press office of Gov. Chris Christie issued a statement declaring Christie’s commitment to applying for the funds. (Pizarro, PolitickerNJ)

Bergen replacement?

With the unfortunate news of Rochelle Park Mayor Frank Valenzuela dropping out of the Bergen County freeholder race not yet spread among the GOP’s decision-makers this morning, Bergen County Republican Organization Chairman Bob Yudin was making calls, trying to preempt what could be a gold rush for an open campaign seat. (Carroll, PolitickerNJ)

Five lenders take control of troubled Meadowlands Xanadu project

The lights went out at Xanadu months ago. Today, they pulled the plug. (Sherman, Star Ledger)

Tough Slog Ahead for Xanadu Creditors

The Xanadu ordeal is far from over for the group of lenders that just seized the New Jersey retail development that has become a symbol of the commercial-real-estate downturn. (Pruitt, Wei, WSJ)

New Jersey Seeks Adviser on Plan to Tap $1 Billion of Unspent Bond Funds

New Jersey may use $1 billion of unspent general-obligation bond funds to pay down existing debt, under a plan by Treasurer Andrew Sidamon-Eristoff to reduce state costs. (Dopp, Bloomberg)

Poorest U.S. City Slashes Spending After Christie’s New Jersey Budget Cuts

The mayor of Camden, New Jersey, one of the nation’s poorest and most dangerous cities, may fire police and firefighters in a proposed $138.8 million budget she said will cut spending 24 percent. (Dopp, Bloomberg)

Government in Rutherford will close Fridays to cut costs

Borough government will shut down every Friday for the rest of the year under deals approved Tuesday to furlough most of the workforce for 20 days, except for police. (Clunn, The Record)

Federal lobbying goes on after Christie’s criticism

Some bi-state and regional authorities dropped their Washington lobbyists after Governor Christie blasted spending public dollars on lobbying six months ago, new disclosure reports show. (Jackson, The Record)

NJ split widens over gambling

The fracture between North and South Jersey lawmakers over the future of gambling deepened a bit more Tuesday with a letter sent to Donald J. Trump. (Parmley, Inquirer)

New York is 2014 Super Bowl winner: New Jersey will only get a fraction of $594M projected profit

New Jersey gets the Super Bowl – but New York gets the cash.

The 2014 Super Bowl at the New Meadowlands Stadium is projected to pump $594 million into the local economy, and all but a fraction of it will end up in New York’s coffers. (Lisberg, Daily News)


from The Back Room

Winner winner, chicken dinner

Like a kids’ soccer league where every player -no matter how inept – gets a trophy, today’s Rutgers-Eagleton poll seems to have left everyone a winner. Or so they say.

School aid tough political play for GOP

With the passage by the House this afternoon of the $26 billion state aid bill, Gov. Chris Christie changed his position and announced he would in fact, take advantage of New Jersey’s slice of that pie.  And why not?  Leaving federal dollars on the table would be a tough political sell to the state’s parents who are sure to see their school taxes soar alongside their children’s class sizes.

Passaic Dems in trouble

Despite Jon Corzine defeating Chris Christie in Passaic County 51 to 44%, the GOP swept three Democratic freeholders and clerk out of office last year.


Political foes help Passaic sheriff get out of politics

Democrat Jerry Speziale jump-started his stalled career with the help of an unexpected source — a Republican governor. (Stile, The record)

A tale of two Christies

Chris Christie is on the cover of the most recent issue of the National Review. And if we are to believe writer Daniel Foster, New Jersey’s “small conservative establishment” is happy the governor has turned out to be a real right-winger. (Mulshine, Star Ledger)

Adler coy, Democrats nationally acting fishy

First-term Congressman John Adler came out of hiding to answer questions about the mysterious tea party candidate who suddenly entered the 3rd District race via an Adler internal poll, but in typical Adler fashion he had nothing substantial to say. (Ingle, APP) Morning News Digest: August 11, 2010