Morning News Wakeup Call: August 13, 2010

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Bergen GOP turning toward Mitchell in wake of Valenzuela departure

HACKENSACK – Filling the void left behind by Rochelle Park Mayor Frank Valenzuela, the GOP in Bergen is rallying behind Cliffside Park resident John Mitchell, even though Mitchell is a three-time also-ran in municipal races. (Carroll, PolitickerNJ)


Currie says sheriff’s pick to come within ten days

HAWTHORNE – “It’s been a surprising week,” Passaic County Democratic Chairman John Currie said today. (Carroll, PolitickerNJ)


New Paterson mayor eager to be part of sheriff selection process with Passaic Dems

Paterson Mayor Jeff Jones doesn’t blame departed Sheriff Jerry Speziale for exiting suddenly in the build-up to the general election. But Jones, who in May won a stunner against incumbent Jose “Joey” Torres, said he would like to help the party select Speziale’s successor. (Pizarro, PolitickerNJ)


Cryan calls for revote on Mercer land deals

A day after three Mercer County mayors filed suit against the state over money they say they are due from the turnpike widening, a Democratic assemblyman has joined their cause. (Isherwood, PolitickerNJ)


Ex-judge nominated by both sides in Sunshine Law case to monitor compliance in Gloucester County

Two weeks after a Superior Court judge ruled the county must hire a monitor to oversee compliance issues, both parties involved in the case have agreed on a candidate. (Paciolla, Gloucester County Times)


Teachers Union Looks to Go on Offense

The name of the summer workshop spoke volumes about the sense inside the New Jersey Education Association these days: “In Enemy Territory — Defending Your Rights in a Hostile Political Climate.” (Mooney, NJ Spotlight)


Poll: Most voters think N.J. Gov. Chris Christie is ‘stubborn’

A lot of New Jersey voters think Governor Christie is stubborn. Whether that’s a good or bad trait is up for debate. (Friedman,


Ex-Vas ally freed due to health woes, for testimony

PERTH AMBOY — An associate of former Perth Amboy Mayor Joseph Vas, jailed after admitting that he stole from the city, was ordered released from custody Thursday for medical reasons and so he can prepare to take the stand against Vas in his federal trial. (Serrano, Home News Tribune)


Tears of respect for ousted Cordelia Staton at Trenton City Hall

TRENTON — A City Hall security guard with tears in her eyes put in the 911 call that brought cops in flack jackets to the Trenton clerk’s office to escort out Cordelia Staton after Mayor Tony Mack suddenly fired her two weeks ago. (Parker, Trentonian)


From The Back Room

More Mack

Trenton Mayor Tony Mack has a number of problems right now, not the least of which is a budget gap of more than $50 million.  So at the risk of piling on the beleaguered mayor, here are a few more. (Isherwood, PolitickerNJ) 


Pascrell moving ahead with campaign HQ opening

As the Passaic County Democratic Committee assesses its candidate options for a successor to Sheriff Jerry Speziale, U.S. Rep. Bill Pascrell (D-Paterson) plans to move ahead with the official opening of his campaign headquarters tomorrow. (Editor, PolitickerNJ)



Gov. Chris Christie speaks fiscal truth

I have to give a high-five to Gov. Chris Christie. The New Jersey Republican was on “Morning Joe” today and showed why he is not only a rising star within the GOP, but also a model of leadership for politicians who have lost touch with their spines. (Capehart, Washington Post)


Corzine/Katz E-mails…He Should Have Known

Corzine told me on many occasions in television interviews on PBS that these e-mails were in fact private and in no way had anything to do with the negotiations. (Adubado, PolitickerNJ)


‘Choose Life’ license plates a good choice

Gov. Chris Christie should promptly direct the head of New Jersey’s motor vehicle agency to make license plates with a “Choose Life” slogan available for motorists. (Berkin, Newark Star-Ledger)

  Morning News Wakeup Call: August 13, 2010