Morning News Wakeup Call: August 18, 2010

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Barrage withstood, Suarez takes it personally

RIDGEFIELD – Mayor Anthony Suarez is planting his flag on Ridgefield tonight. Er, replanting. The relieved and satisfied crowd of Dems at Café Tivoli showed no signs of impending doom with Suarez set to face a judge in September for corruption charges. And why should they, they won. The rain clouds are beyond the horizon. (Carroll,


Sipprelle hounds Holt on mosque question

Campaigning today in Tinton Falls, Republican 12th Congressional District candidate Scott Sipprelle challenged U.S. Rep. Rush Holt (D-Hopewell Twp.) to explain his position on President Barack Obama’s support for the right of Muslims to build a mosque on two acres near Ground Zero in lower Manhattan. (Pizarro,


Adler-Runyan race part of GOP’s first wave TV advertising offensive

 Officials with the National Republican Congressional Committee said today the 3rd Congressional District race would be part of a first-wave TV advertising offensive this fall. Earlier in the day, Politico reported that the NRCC, the House GOP’s campaign arm, was pouring $22 million into 40 districts mostly occupied by junior Democrats in conservative-friendly districts. (Roh, Courier Post)


Gov. Christie creates agency to oversee Fort Monmouth redevelopment

Gov. Chris Christie this morning signed legislation creating an authority that will oversee the redevelopment of Fort Monmouth when the military base closes next year. The Fort Monmouth Economic Revitalization Authority replaces a similar body created in 2006 to plan for the reuse of the 1,127 acres in Eatontown, Oceanport and Tinton Falls when the closure shutters dozens of buildings and relocates more than 5,000 jobs. (Spoto, The Star-Ledger)


N.J. Sen. Robert Menendez seeks whistleblowers regarding release of Lockerbie bomber

U.S. senator is hoping someone who knows something about the release of the convicted Pan Am 103 bomber will talk. New Jersey Democrat Robert Menendez is asking whistleblowers to contact his office. Menendez said all information will remain confidential, and names won’t be disclosed unless permission is granted. (AP)


Dumont Council overrides mayor’s veto on pay-to-play rule

DUMONT – The Borough Council on Tuesday night reinstated a controversial pay-to-play ordinance by overturning a partial mayoral veto. Four council members who voted to adopt the ordinance in July also voted to override Mayor Matthew McHale’s decision two weeks ago to veto many provisions in the new law. Two — Carl Manna and Marty Caspare — voted against overturning the veto. (Kindergan, The Bergen-Record)


Delaware River Port Authority Board proposes policy shake-ups in wake of ethics flap

CAMDEN Nearly two-dozen resolutions either modifications to existing policies or outright new ones will be discussed by the Board of Commissioners of the Delaware River Port Authority Wednesday. The DRPA released the 18 measures Monday afternoon in the wake of more than six weeks of controversy surrounding the bi-state agency which included accusations of fiscal impropriety and ethical violations. (Murray, The Gloucester County Times)


Fiorella LaGuardia: The NYC mayor who would not get out of New Jersey

Border skirmishes between New Jersey and New York are nothing new. Jurisdiction of islands in the New York Harbor has long a source of tension between the two states. More than a few football fans and supporters of New Jersey are not all that pleased that millions of dollars have been invested for a football palace in the Meadowlands for teams that eschew a New Jersey designation. (Model, New Jersey Newsroom)


Plainfield mayor threatened with litigation over appointment

PLAINFIELD – The latest showdown in a long string of confrontations between the Plainfield City Council and Mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs has cast doubt on the validity of 19 months’ worth of Housing Authority of Plainfield votes and prompted threats of litigation by the governing body against the mayor. Council Chairman Adrian Mapp, citing the long-running “holdover” status of Housing Authority Commission Chairman Rickey Williams, urged Monday fellow council members to support his call for litigation if Robinson-Briggs continues to insist that Williams’s status remains valid. (Spivey, The Home News Tribune)



The Money Pit

As a Reporter who worked in NJN’s Newark Bureau for ten years, I have done my fair share of NJ Transit fare increase stories. NJ is after all “a corridor state” ( see, I told you I know the lingo ) and mass transit is an essential part of life in North J. The same goes for toll hike stories. I have covered those as well. These types of stories require what we call in the biz “MOS” which stands for “Man On the Street” interviews. So, every time there is a fare increase or a toll hike we throw a bunch of people on the air who I would argue quite predictably do not like the proposed change. (Fink, NJN)


Democrats’ gaming resolution hypocritcal

A two-page political leaflet, blasting a recent report calling for the privatization of the Meadowlands Sports Complex properties, was quietly passed by the Democratic-controlled Bergen County Freeholder Board last Wednesday. OK, let me clarify. It wasn’t exactly a leaflet, but a formal resolution, condemning the report by Governor Christie’s Advisory Commission on New Jersey Gaming, Sports and Entertainment that calls for a forceful takeover of Atlantic City and a somber withdrawal from South Bergen. (Stile, The Bergen-Record)


Adventures in Campaign Message Polling, part 2

I recently wrote that a publicly released campaign poll memo was from a message testing survey, with the results presented out of context.  I’ve had some experience conducting message testing polls, specifically working with non-profit organizations on crafting communication strategies. (Murray, Morning News Wakeup Call: August 18, 2010