Morning Read: Andrew Cuomo and Rick Lazio

Andrew Cuomo and Rick Lazio have a history.

More on John Sampson and Edul Ahmad.

The question for The Charter Commission is who gets stuck with just two terms.

Peter Kauffmann urged David Paterson to pay for his Yankee tickets.

Obama uses the car into a ditch metaphor.

Muslim and Arab Republicans take issue with their party on the mosque.

Pedro Espada never paid for over $7,000 worth of suits he bought.

The TWU is mocking Jay Walder.

Chris Bragg looks at the split between HRC and ESPA.

Wayne Barrett looks into Rick Lazio’s time at JP Morgan.

Shirley Huntley hired a publisher at a Queens newspaper as a campaign consultant.

9/11 first responders want more attention paid to them and less to the Cordoba House.

TPM looks at how far from Ground Zero some pols are who are weighing in on the issue.


  Morning Read: Andrew Cuomo and Rick Lazio