Morning Read: Diana Tayor (or Ray Kelly) For Mayor?!?

The Times goes on the road with Ed Koch.

A new report by John Liu faults the administration’s homeless policies.

The House is returning to work to pass a $26 billion package of aid to the states.

The Times editorializes against Andrew Cuomo’s idea for a “people’s convention.”

Mama Cuomo gets profiled by The Daily News.

John Sampson brunched with Stonewall. It didn’t go well.

Freddy Ferrer thinks Bloomberg is pushing nonpartisan elections to get Diana Taylor or Ray Kelly elected. [2nd item.]

Charlie Rangel hinted that he is working on a deal.

He does not appreciate the Post’s coverage.

The Washington Post examines his race.

Is Patti Harris spending more time at the Bloomberg’s charity than at City Hall?

Ed Towns had a change of heart about Afghanistan.

Richard Brodsky thinks it’s a good thing that he hasn’t raised a lot of money from PACs or from Albany.

Sean Coffey sent more than $150,000 to statewide political campaigns around the country, directing most of the money to candidates where his law firm pursued contracts.

The HuffPo goes up the Statue of Liberty stairs.

Frank Morano wants the Board of Elections to investigate the Indy Party.

Does David Paterson have Kirsten Gillibrand in his sights?

  Morning Read: Diana Tayor (or Ray Kelly) For Mayor?!?