Morning Read: Israel vs. Crowley

The achievement gap in public schools is growing.

Wind towers are coming to New York harbor.

No-fault divorce is now law.

The Cordoba House goes national.

New Justice of Law and Order from the Bronx, Sonia Sotomayor, called herself the new J.Lo.

Companies involved in ongoing or recent legal actions against Andrew Cuomo have given $150,000 to his campaign.

Did some cash from Bloomberg keep Sharpton quiet on term limits?

Mike Lupica takes the side of 9/11 families.

The Post leads with Hamas’ view of the Ground Zero Mosque.

“If the liberal-leaning activist wing of the Democratic Party has a favorite in the race for attorney general, it’s Eric Schneiderman,” writes Brendan Scott.

Will wonders never cease: Shady practices from Pedro Espada’s campaign finance filings.

Steve Israel and Joe Crowley are locking antlers to become head of the DCCC.

Former Bush speechwriter Michael Gerson: “How precisely is our cause served by treating the construction of a non-radical mosque in Lower Manhattan as the functional equivalent of defiling a grave?” Morning Read: Israel vs. Crowley