Morning Read: Obama in the Oval Edition

Clyde Haberman: “On the core issue of restoring trust in local government, the [charter review] commission has already opened itself to criticism from editorialists that it failed to set the city on the right path.”

New York’s economy is on the rebound, but some neighborhoods are recovering more quickly than others.

Obama is set to make his second Oval Office speech, this one on withdrawl from Iraq.

Anne Kornblut looks at the risks

Nate Silver finds governor’s races predictable.

A look at the lives of the Obama girls.

Sean Coffey received the endorsement of the New York Post, who say of his opponents: “The fact that Schneiderman and Brodsky prospered in the state Legislature simply disqualifies them for higher office.”

Kathleen Rice seems to agree.

Stanley Fish parses the lack of outrage over the stabbing of a Muslim cabbie.

Smile! Your photo is going to be snapped by the MTA.

An early look at contenders for the council seat of Thomas White, who is slated to be buried on Thursday




  Morning Read: Obama in the Oval Edition