Morning Read: Primary Day

White House officials and Speaker Nancy Pelosi were not happy with Charlie Rangel’s floor speech.

Ned Lamont lost his bid to become Connecticut governor.

The Senate race there will be a heavy lift for Democrats.

The establishment won in Colorado.

A truce, of sorts, between Peter King and Anthony Weiner.

Employees at three city agencies “hijacked our day care benefit program for their personal and lucrative gain,” according to the city’s investigations commissioner. They are being charged by the U.S. Attorney’s office.

The Ground Zero Mosque founders did not realize what a public relations problem they would have on their hands.

A bill to keep major cultural instiutions from selling off their art work to cover operating expenses may be dead in Albany.

The freelancer’s union makes endorsements.

The Board of Elections says that Bloomberg’s is trying to influence the results of the charter referenda by controlling how the questions appear on the ballot.

SEIU and other progressive groups are preparing to hit the road.

Several bloggers are running for office.

A Freedom of Information Act exemption for the SEC is coming under fire.



  Morning Read: Primary Day