Morning Read: Rikers Island Edition

Of the argument that Charlie Rangel has done much that is positive in his career, Adam Clayton Powell IV says, “Just about every inmate at Rikers Island has done some good in their life. He has been there for 40 years; of course he has done some good.”

Charlie Rangel said that he should stay in office in order to help President Obama

The iman behind the proposed Ground Zero Islamic center said that election year politics is behind the outrage over the project.

Sec of Education Arne Duncan will be in Albany to talk about the state’s Race to the Top plan.

Would it be Cuomo vs. Schneiderman in Albany?

Says one resident of the Assembly district that Hiram Monserrate is hoping to capture: “He is a good and honest man. He is very prepared to do the job.”

Bill deBlasio unveils a database of the city’s worst slumlords.

There will be no Beck-Palin 2012 ticket. Comedians, weep.

Beck did say that Obama isn’t, in fact, a racist.

Andrew Cuomo hasn’t endorsed anyone to replace him.

State Senate Democrats returned money from Wal-Mart.

Eric Dinallo gets compared to Eliot Spitzer.

A look at Kathleen Rice’s early career in the Brooklyn D.A.’s office.



  Morning Read: Rikers Island Edition