Morning Read:Rangel Wrap-Up

David Dinkins set the tone of the evening for Charlie Rangel’s fundraiser last night by delivering the one-finger salute to protesters outside.

Mike Bloomberg quipped that  alot of people “couldn’t be here tonight because as they tell it, either they had to get a haircut or they knew they were going to have a headache… But Charlie, as you know, they were with you as long as they could be.”

Maggie Haberman noted the warmth between David Paterson and Andrew Cuomo last night.

The G.O.P had a great time, too.

Carl Paladino is working for two gubernatorial campaigns.

Will the rise of the right hurt the G.O.P in November.

Or will they be hurt by a number of off-beat candidates, including, “a former professional wrestling executive, a libertarian ophthalmologist and a man who thinks bicycle use could empower the United Nations.”

Voters will have their say on reverting to a two-term limit in city elections–and on a law that would prohibit politicians from changing them.

The Times looks at what is and what is not permissable on the side of city buses.

Jarrett Murphy looks at possible explanations for the rise in gun violence in the city: a bad economy, fewer cops, and increased temperatures.

Forbes accuses Sean Coffey of “muddying the ethical waters” in the AG’s race.

The state teacher’s union will not be endorsing Andrew Cuomo or a handful of senators.

While Rand Paul was in college he did not, as it turns out, kidnap a woman and force her to take bong hits while worshipping the “Aqua Buddha.”

A majority of Americans support gay marriage.





  Morning Read:Rangel Wrap-Up