New Jersey’s U.S. Representatives: Who showed up?

Forget that there’s only one photo finish shaping up for the November general election (see: Adler vs. Runyan); in an election year, every elected official should be accountable for their performance.

With that, PolitickerNJ presents a list of a few simple metrics to help evaluate the state’s 13 delegates to the U.S. House of Representatives.

Whether voters agree with each delegate’s votes is almost unanswerable; but whether the Congressman showed up to make a vote is not. So first, we present attendance records for the 13 officials.

Second, the rep’s voting record compared to the party line.

What do we see? For one, Adler’s attendance was tops among Democrats, and he strayed from the party line more than any other Dem, both possibly attempts to better position himself against a GOP fight in November.

Also, as far as attendance goes, the five Republicans were by far the victors, missing an average of 18 votes per person, compared to more than 58 votes per person among the eight Democrats.

U.S. Rep. Frank LoBiondo, R (NJ-02), was one of only six people in the entire House of Representatives who didn’t miss one vote of the 1,504 votes cast last year. Worst among all in the Garden State, U.S. Rep. Donald Payne, D (NJ-10), missed 102 votes in that time.

Statistics provided by the Washington Post‘s Votes Database.


Voting attendance


1. Frank LoBiondo, R (NJ-02)

–0 votes missed (0%), 1504 votes cast

2. Leonard Lance, R (NJ-07)

–1 vote missed (0.1%)

3. Rodney Frelinghuysen, R (NJ-11)

–16 votes missed (1.1%)

4. John Adler, D (NJ-03)

–24 votes missed (1.6%)

5. Rush Holt, D (NJ-12)

–27 votes missed (1.8%)

6. Scott Garrett, R (NJ-05)

–31 votes missed (2.1%)

7. Frank Pallone, D (NJ-06)

–35 votes missed (2.3%)

8. Chris Smith, R (NJ-04)

–42 votes missed (2.8%)

9. Steve Rothman, D (NJ-09)

–48 votes missed (3.2%)

10. Rob Andrews, D (NJ-01)

–61 votes missed (4.1%)

11. Albio Sires, D (NJ-13)

–70 votes missed (4.7%)

12. Bill Pascrell, D (NJ-08)

–98 votes missed (6.5%)

13. Donald Payne, D (NJ-10)

–102 votes missed (6.8%)



Partisan votes


1. Steve Rothman, D (NJ-09)

–Voted with Democratic Party: 99.2 percent

2. Frank Pallone, D (NJ-06)

–Voted with Democratic Party: 98.9 percent

3. Rob Andrews, D (NJ-01)

–Voted with Democratic Party: 98.7 percent

4. Rush Holt, D (NJ-12)

–Voted with Democratic Party: 98.2 percent

5. Bill Pascrell, D (NJ-08)

–Voted with Democratic Party: 98.1 percent

6. Albio Sires, D (NJ-13)

–Voted with Democratic Party: 98.0 percent

7. Donald Payne, D (NJ-10)

–Voted with Democratic Party: 97.1 percent

8. Scott Garrett, R (NJ-05)

–Voted with Republican Party: 92.1 percent

9. Leonard Lance, R (NJ-07)

–Voted with Republican Party: 91.1 percent

10. John Adler, D (NJ-03)

–Voted with Democratic Party: 90.7 percent

11. Rodney Frelinghuysen, R (NJ-11)

–Voted with Republican Party: 90.7 percent

12. Frank LoBiondo, R (NJ-02)

–Voted with Republican Party: 86.6 percent

13. Chris Smith, R (NJ-04)

–Voted with Republican Party: 85.8 percent New Jersey’s U.S. Representatives: Who showed up?