New Spanish Language Radio Ad For Sean Coffey

Sean Coffey’s campaign for for attorney general is out with a new Spanish-language radio ad:

The script (in translation) goes:


Sean Coffey remembers what it was like to struggle.  His dad out looking for work.  His mom doing her best raising him and his seven brothers and sisters.  His parents were immigrants; new Americans looking for an opportunity to earn a living and raise a family.  His father lost his job more than once, but he never lost hope.  He and Sean’s mom were the reason Sean went to the US Naval Academy and served over twenty years as a naval officer.  They were the reason Sean became a federal prosecutor who fought drug gangs and they were the reason Sean took on Wall Street fat cats who stole millions from small investors. 


Now, as he travels across New York to become your attorney general, Sean sees his parents in the people who want an attorney general to protect immigrants, take on Wall Street, and stop the culture of corruption in Albany.  Our community needs strong leadership that understands our priorities-that’s the kind of leadership that Sean Coffey has shown over a lifetime of public service and that’s the kind of leadership he’ll show as our next Attorney General.

The campaign did not release details about the size of the ad buy. You can listen for yourself here


New Spanish Language Radio Ad For Sean Coffey