Now the Candy Makers Are Mad at Obama

Earlier today it was book lovers, now candy makers have made it clear that they are unhappy with President Obama. Reuters reports that U.S. makers of gum and chocolate blame the Obama administration for a new 20% Mexican tax on American gum and chocolate exports south of the border. National Confectioners Association president Larry Graham issued a statement regarding the tax: “Millions of dollars of chocolate and gum exports are at risk,” Graham said. He warned that “dozens” of confectionary manufacturers “will immediately feel the effects” of the measure. Chocolate makers in particular may be affected, as according to Graham the tax may frustrate their efforts to get their products on the Mexican market.

The levy is part of an ongoing effort by Mexico to get the United States to adhere to its part of NAFTA (the North American Free Trade Agreement). Administration officials have said they want to settle the issue with Mexico, but Reuters reports they have yet to take the issue to Congress. Meanwhile, millions of Mexicans remain deprived of their cherished American-made sweets.

[Reuters] Now the Candy Makers Are Mad at Obama