Oracle vs. Google: It's On!

It’s an epic slapfight between tech titans – Oracle has announced that it is suing Google for patent and copyright infringement.

Oracle alleges that Google’s Android operating system, used in smart phones and an upcoming iPad competitor from Dell, infringes on Oracle’s Java. Android, says the complaint, “[Competes] with Oracle America’s Java as an operating system software platform for cellular telephones and other mobile devices.” Additionally, Oracle accuses Google of doing something that in the tech world might just be, well, evil: “Google has thus committed acts of patent infringement within the State of California and, particularly, within the Northern District of California. By purposefully and voluntarily distributing one or more of its infringing products and services, Google has injured Oracle America and is thus liable to Oracle America for infringement of the patents at issue…”

Oracle takes the challenge from slapfight territory to bare knuckle brawling by stating in the court documents that it “demands a jury trial.”

So that’ll be fun.

[All Things D]

Oracle vs. Google: It's On!