Paladino Makes Pitch To NPR Audience

Tea Party favorite Carl Paladino was on The Brian Lehrer Show this morning and did not sound like someone vying to take too much of the NPR vote.

Lehrer asked Paladino about his pledge to cut government by 20 percent, and Paladino said that after submitting his budget to the legislature on February 1, he would shut the government down–save for public safety and public health measures–if an agreement was not reached in eight weeks.

“It’s going to be bloody,” he told Lehrer. “It’s not going to be fun, it’s not going to be more of the theatrics.”

He was asked as well about a Daily News endorsement of Andrew Cuomo which, after running through some of Paladino’s controversial statements in the past, said, “New York’s governor must be cut from finer cloth.”

Paladino responded that he had a very good conversation with the Post’s editorial board, but added that as for the DN, “You should note. We told them to go fly a kite when they asked us to appear in front of their editorial board.”

A few more items of note:

  • He talked about his plan to pay family members $18,000/year to look after their elderly relatives, thus saving the state money on Medicare. “Other states are doing. New York is lagging. Why? Because probably the nursing home lobby is greasing ’em up nice and fat.”
  • He threatened to use whatever legal means necessary to stop the Islamic cultural center near ground zero, and evenquestioned if the organization was legally allowed in their current home, saying, “You tell me–why did these people call the project Cordoba?”
  • He said there should be no mosque anywhere that the dust cloud from 9/11 covered.
  • On Bloomberg’s support for the project: “Who is Bloomberg to say anything? He just happens to be mayor.”
  • And asked by Lehrer if someone was fit to be mayor who forwarded along emails that showed an African tribal dance with the words, “Obama inauguration rehearsal” underneath, Paladino responded. “I’m human. I’m human like you and like everybody else. So don’t pontificate to me, OK?”

We will update with audio when it’s available. Paladino Makes Pitch To NPR Audience